We are changing the way companies look at business travel

why we started Insteract

We started Insteract based on a fundamental observation that has grown from our personal experiences.

  • Coercion or enforcement does not work. Rigid travel policy rules is a thing of past. While it allows companies to control cost it comes at a cost of employee productivity. Employees will always look for opportunities to satisfy their personal needs.
  • We operate in a knowledge economy and with access to the right data everyone makes an informed decision. Employees if respected and trusted, they will do the best they can for the company.

Our view is, the future of business travel must focus on people productivity and not on fixed rules and tight processes. Instead of a firm policy that does not engage the employees, companies need to adopt an intelligent travel guidance. A system that evolves with people behaviour but meets business objectives in a realistic way.

Software tools enabled by data insights can resolve the disconnect between how employees plan their business trip and how companies manage their travel objectives.

Our goal is to help companies optimise their travel program using machine learning and data analytics so they can serve their travellers (employees) better. We believe Insteract will change the way businesses manage their travellers.

The Team

We are a group of people who have designed systems and solutions for travel companies for the last two decades. As business travellers we have experienced the issues that exists between a business traveller and the company. We have seen first hand how companies and travellers are left wanting for a better buying experience.

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