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We had been using our corporate travel agents for a while now and tried insteract reluctantly for few minutes. Surprisingly it provided us the options that our travel partner could not provide that was not only cheaper but also with a lesser travel time and lay over. Its top ranked itinerary was the one that we finally booked. A huge savings considering a group travel. Finally worth the time spent on Insteract - We were able to save almost ₹8000 per ticket in a couple of minutes that we used it. Would recommend it anytime

Karthick P
COO - Chimera Technologies

Serving your traveller a better way

Power to the travellers

Offer your traveller with a variety of trip recommendations from your preferred suppliers and our selected partners. Our partners include leading content aggregators, OTA and direct airlines and hotels

Transparent and Wider options

flywo scans a wide range of business travel inventory to recommends trip options that are cheaper and logical. All recommendations are evaluated and scored based on preference match, ability to save and travellers comfort.

With your traveller every step of the way

From handing service disruption, to trip changes and cancellations, you are taken care at every step of your trips. We believe in safety first and we are available 24/7 for any emergency response via phone, email or live chat.

More Control without Micromanaging

Minimise the risk of over paying for a trip

flywo provides a real-time benchmarking based on market fares to give you the lowest logical and the maximum fare you should pay for your trip. Provides visibility in to the best options that are available but missed by the traveller and approver.

Maximise your opportunities to save

For every trip search that is based on your preferences FLYWO tries to find other similar and alternatives options that maximises savings but is comfortable for the traveller. .

Dont just track, build insights to improve

See opportunities where you can save more, improve compliance through better traveller profiling and understand supplier attachment for better negotiations. All in real-time across teams. In addition to real-time reports and dashboards, flywo will send you a monthly report with insights to help you optimise your travel further.

Easy setup. easy to manage travellers across teams and locations.

Centralise your travel policy- set business preferences, rules for approval and connect teams across the company with a few clicks. Since everything is data driven no complex setups are needed to get everyone on board. You can get started on flywo under a day.

The easiest way to optimise your travel.

100% free.No credit required to get started.

Overall I had a good experience while booking flight tickets. We saved about 7% on our flight tickets

Meenakshi Viswanathan
Travel Admin