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We use insights from real-time market data and traveller behaviours to find trip options that match your business preferences.

No fee per user. No expensive setups. You pay only if you save or optimise your travel cost.

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Real-time Price Caps

We do a fair market search before we present our top options. All options are benchmarked with the lowest logical market fare so you get a clear picture of what you are buying. No more searching multiple websites.


See what is Relevant

Insteract shows the top seven logical options to choose from. Insteract's unique profiling algorithm evaluates each available option through numerous travel parameters that match with the behaviour of traveller with the company policy.Some of the options are exclusive to us and offer the best value you can find.

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Working with your TMC

If your company uses a travel agent then working with Insteract is super easy. Since all trip requests are audited and benchmarked you can setup to automatically send all approved requests to your travel agent.

The email sent to your travel agent will contain the all the trip details with the final approved option. With benchmarking and profiling Insteract offers a transparent way to audit your travel agent response on your request.

Save without Lossing Control

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Audit Trails

Price cap and benchmarks are tagged to each trip request and can be viewed at any time by everyone involved in the workflow.

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Managing Teams

You can configure your workflows based on spend limits and job titles for teams of any size across the company across any locations.

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The usuals and more

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Simple setups

Centralise your travel management, set business preferences, manage users and connect teams across the company with a few clicks. No complex setups needed to get everyone on board.

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GST Ready

We are GST ready which means you can claim your credits on the trip cost.

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From lost savings reports to general reporting. We provide all the key reports you need to run your program.

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Our focus is to improve the effectiveness of travel program. Insteract identifies insights into points of friction between a traveller and travel policy and gives recommendations to optimise your travel cost. It provides an absolute and relative comparisons between the traveller behaviour and booking patterns so companies can assess where they stand in comparison to industry benchmarks Try Insteract as a free benchmarking tool

Support you can count on

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We understand that business travel plans change. Once onboarded you will have access to our support through email, chat and phone at all times. You are taken care at every step of your trips.

Safety first: We believe in safety first and we are available 24/7 for any emergency response via phone, email or live chat.

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Automate your workflows using integrated apps. Insteract automatically capture trip expenses into leading apps so you can focus on your most important work. It’s much easier for employees to quickly and accurately submit claims for reimbursement.

And if you use a system we dont support yet,no problem, we have API's ready to support you.

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