simple-smart-designed for business travel

flywo is a next generation business travel platform that is powered by data insights and smart algorithms. What is unique about flywo is - it makes cost optimisation and compliance auditing transparent and easy.

reduce the risk of overpaying

  • use fare intelligence to benchmark your trip cost
  • find alternative options that are identical/similar to your preference and maximises savings

We combine published, corporate, and negotiated fares from airlines and market aggregators to the find the lowest flexible fare based on your preference and the best fare range (budget) for your trip.

better insight and control

  • improve compliance by capturing the traveller selections and missed opportunities before it is approved
  • better traveller profiling to improve policy compliance
  • understand supplier attachment for better negotiations

Data points like benchmarking, traveller selections and approver decisions are all tagged with each trip request and available for mining. You can easily export them and blend with other data source to analyse other opportunities to improve.

Manage teams

No complex setups needed to get everyone on board. You can manage teams across the company and across any locations with a few clicks.

Workflow Rules

You can configure your workflows based on spend limits, team and job profiles.

Integrate with TMC

All approved trips can be automatically queued to the travel agent via email, API or GDS queue for booking.

other features

Transparent search

Transparency in market options is key to optimising cost. We show you the best fares for your trip, as they are available, without any markup or overheads.

Wider fare options

We work with certified travel partners to access a range of private fare and spot fares. Our partners include airlines, OTA’s, Leading consolidators and GDS’s.

Exclusive offers

We get you discounted options from our partners that match with your preferences creating more savings.

User Management

Assign roles and manage access for different types of users involved in the travel workflow.


Manage traveller profiles like preferences, cost centres and budget limits.

Advance approval rules

Define reminders, tolerance limits and escalation rules.

Invoicing and Tax Benefits

We are GST ready which means you can claim your credits on the trip cost.


Company level dashboards to special reporting like lost savings. We provide all the key insights you need to optimise you travel cost.

Expense Integration

Insteract is integrated with leading expense applicaitons like Happay.

Under the Hood

At the core of our service is our benchmarking and optimisation algorithm that is driven by real-time data analysis using machine learning algorithms. .


flywo generates benchmarking points, based on the customer profile, real-time data from the market and use it to optimise your travel cost, traveller comfort and compliance.

With less than 2% error rate in benchmarking you are assured most of the time that you are not over paying for your trip.

Smart Agent

flywo evaluates different trip options available. It combines preferences with other blended data points and compares with benchmarking data to suggest the best set of trip options.

Recommendations include other similar and alternatives options that maximises savings and is comfortable for the traveller.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to replace my TMC to use flywo?

flywo works independent of the TMC and other booking channels the company uses. You can use flywo as a trip audit tool or as a travel requisition system and continue to book with your TMC. You can use flywo to plan and book your trips..

What is your data source for fares?

We work with certified travel partners to access a range of private fare and spot fares. Our partners include airlines, OTA’s, meta-search platforms. and leading fare aggregators.

Can flywo book my trips?

There is an option to configure flywo as a self-booking tool. User access to booking function can be restricted based on access rights.

Do you offer travel service like a TMC?

flywo has partnered with exclusive content providers to offers booking services in certain markets. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about booking services.

How do you manage my data?

We take data protection very seriously and follow the global standards to managing our customer data. Depending on your location we store data in our servers in US and India.

If you are accessing via the cloud then all your data is stored in our Amazon servers in the encrypted form.

If you are accessing via the API then we only use the anonymised form of trip data. What this means is all direct reference to your company and the traveller is never stored or used in any form.

Does flywo book corporate fares and discounts?

At the moment we do not allow corporate fares and discounts, but we are rolling out to support this in the coming months.

Can you import data from other systems into flywo?

flywo has an API service that can be integrated with any HR and financial system. Insteract can assist you with the integration at a nominal charge.

Will Insteract offer custom analytics?

Yes we can build custom analytics if you are on yearly contract.

Can we install flywo on our servers?

Yes we have a self-hosted and private cloud option. Please get in touch with us for more information./p>

Does Insteract have a mobile app?

The mobile app is under development and will launch in early 2019.

Where is Insteract located?

Insteract support team is based out of Bangalore in India but we have servers located in US and India.

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