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Reduce the risk of overpaying and maximize your savings.

flywo benchmark you trips with the lowest logical market fare and finds cheaper alternatives that are similar to you preferences.

flywo automates the tasks that you shouldn’t be doing i.e. spending time finding the cost of a trip and the best trip option. Simplify the ones you should i.e.benchmarking and decision making, and make more time for the stuff that matters like focusing on the purpose of the business trip.

How does flywo help your company?

flywo is a cost optimisation tool that automates your pre-trip approval process, offers recommendations on the best alternatives matching your policy and traveller preferences.

benchmarks your trip options with fares from OTA's, airlines and fare aggregators

builds your trip request with flight options that match your preferences

improves compliance and visibility in your approvals through pre-trip audits

maximises savings by acting on missed opportunities before a trip is approved

Gives better insights into how your trips are planned and approved

How to use flywo to maximise savings

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Setup your company preferences and approval rules

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Find recommendations on LLF and options for your trips

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Compare recommendations with your preferences

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Book the option you like or build a trip request for approval

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Queue approved trips to travel desk /TMC for booking

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How is flywo different?

Our technology and user experience is designed ground up for business travel.

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    we are supplier neutral and work with leading travel providers to bring transparent options.

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    we offer recommendations on alternatives that are identical or similar to your selected preferences, but cheaper

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    we integrate with your preferred booking channels like OTA's and company TMC

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    provide better oversight and control into how your travellers plan

frequenty asked questions

Do I need to replace my TMC to use flywo?

flywo works independent of the TMC and other booking channels the company uses. You can use flywo as a trip audit tool or as a travel requisition system and continue to book with your TMC. You can use flywo to plan, book and manage your your trips.

What is your data source for fares?

We work with certified travel partners to access a range of private fare and spot fares. Our partners include airlines, OTA’s, meta-search platforms. and leading fare aggregators.

“We had been using our corporate travel agents for a while now and tried Insteract reluctantly for few minutes. Surprisingly it provided us the options that our travel partner could not provide that was not only cheaper but also with a lesser travel time and lay over. Its top ranked itinerary was the one that we finally booked. A huge savings considering a group travel. Finally worth the time spent on Insteract. We were able to save almost 8K INR per ticket in a couple of minutes that we used it.  Would recommend it anytime.    ”

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COO - Chimera Technologies

“Overall I had a good experience while booking flight tickets. We saved about 7% on our flight tickets”

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Meenakshi Viswanathan

Travel Admin

Dont overypay for your business trips. Use flywo and start saving.

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